Caribou Chronicles: Tok Alaska

My good friend Caleb and I drove up the Alaska Highway towards the Canadian border to a site along the Tok River drainage. Not half an hour after we had reached our campsite than we had spotted, sighted in, and bagged a beautiful caribou. It was a fantastic, difficult, long, and rewarding trip. Here are a few images of the trip. (Stay tuned for a video.. I brought a GoPro along as well)

Kesugi Ridge

Washington resident Olivia joined me for an expedition of The Kesugi Ridge, a beautiful trail system in Denali National Park. Weather in anchorage was grim, but turned for the gorgeous as we headed north along the Parks Highway. We were greeted with a lovely view of Mt. Denali as we neared our destination. In the above picture, Olivia descends a section of the trail with Cloud-capped mountains in the background.


Caribou Island

The Dalton Clan has a cabin on on island on Skilak Lake, on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. This summer has held some of the most dynamic sunrises and sunsets, here are a few images of those very sights out on caribou island.