Life at Breezy Hill

For as long as I can remember the holidays mean family time, bountiful meals, and a much needed break from school. Academic life at Ithaca College is hectic: each day is filled with class, homework, a few precious hours at the gym, and late night scarfing sessions at the dining halls. Just before I shove ear plugs into my ears and turn off the light each night, I sneak a glance at the camera sitting on my shelf. He and all his lonely little lens friends looking so neglected. One fleeting thought of shooting again and then I'm knocked out, head against the pillow. 

But November 16th was different. I hopped on the greyhound and sped over to Ohio, where my Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle reside. What a transition, from a crowded college dorm to sleeping in a room all by yourself, and to have it be actually quiet at ten pm is something I never appreciated before college. 

With a weekends rest, I rode up to the farm. Oh that farm. My Fathers sister and her husband bought a farm four years ago in Homeworth, Ohio. With more than a lot of elbow grease those two (with generous local support) have transformed Breezy Hill Farm into a bustling organic farm. I was luckily able to spend two days helping out. I will be forever grateful for those 48 hours at Breezy Hill. 

In that short time not only was I able to help sort, weed, clean, and fix, but I gained a newfound respect for what I (often) put in my mouth without a second's thought to where it came from or what went into its production. 

I am so happy to be able to share thanksgiving at Breezy Hill with many family and friends, and to be able to capture and share it makes it all the more better. I will leave you with a few shots (many more to come) and a quote from Quinn, an employee and standup guy: "Working here not only gives you great respect for what we eat, but it makes it all taste so much better."



Working here not only gives you great respect for what we eat, but it makes it all taste so much better.