¡Vivé estoy bueno en Sayulita, Mexico!

Sun, surf, family, food, and sun! Did I mention sun? Oh yeah, theres just a little of that.
With all the family safely out of the country for a christmas get-together in the land of español, anything can happen.
Lazy day spent on the beach drinking margaritas on the beach? Yup.
How about getting lost in fields of mysterious jungle fruit looking for petroglyphs? Naturally!
The open ended vacation is the best kind, and the Dalton family embraces that to the fullest.
But we like to pad our vacations with large, over the top rental houses and fantastic feasts, all of which have been documented in detail and will be posted for your drooling pleasure!
Sadly, internet is scarce in the small town north of Puerto Vallarta, so this is the first of many Mexico posts, stay tuned!