Day Three Hundred Sixty Four - "Faces and Faces"

If you are looking for any final words, stick around, because this is what i've got. 

I want to thank so many people, but the list is so long that i'd inevitably leave someone out. So I'll give a shout out to Nathaniel Wilder, who is the most generous man I have had the privilege of knowing/being schooled by. The camera that captured 98% of this years photos was a gift from Nate, but more importantly is the knowledge he instilled in me, that allowed me to capture[construct] the years imagery. Please, head on over to his site: and check his work out. He is a phenomenal photographer and an even better friend. 

And to the 'rents, Mr. Mark and Cami Dalton, who so lovingly supported the countless nights of downtown adventures [which rarely begin before 9:00PM], the camera commodities, and the ever appreciated idea board [great minds never think alone]. You call all breath easy, as the days of; "quick, come pose for me" are [might be] over [probably not].

To all of you watching, following along, thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU. Knowing that mine is not the only critical eye viewing my photos is an emense drive, I could not have done it if it weren't for all the comments, likes, critiques, eyes on my work; constantly demanding the best from me. I am grateful for you all. And if you're still reading.. wow.. respect. 

I feel it is important to know that, although I have a deep, deep [love] passion for what I do, I am not the best at this. I truly feel that I Forrest Gump'd [human being'd] my way through this. What I have garnered from this project is that my love of photography comes from a love of sharing. For those of you out there that like to pick up a camera [of ANY kind] once in a while [at all], please. PLEASE! Keep it up! If there is one dirty little secret to [being a "good"] photographer, it's that you have to take a lot of pictures. I shoot anywhere from 100 to 1000 pictures every day. Save those. Share them. SHARE THEM. We want to see them. Really.

This project started off as a challenge, a chance to push myself and grow as a photographer. But it has become something much more than just that. I've grown as a person, [a little] closer to the man I aspire to be: I have become more earnest, thoughtful, patient, gutsy, diligent [ever in progress]. I have found what I love to do. There was not a day this year that this project felt like a chore/burden/stress/annoyance. 

IF YOU READ ONLY ONE SENTENCE in this run-on soapbox let it be this: Find your thing and do that thing better than anybody else does that thing, even if you think you aren't the best, or that that thing has no value because I promise you that it does. And I promise you that other people will see this value too.